Teeth Whitening

Your smile is important.  It's one of the first things you notice when you meet someone and it's one of your most important social assets.  A whiter, brighter smile can make you look younger, healthier, and more confident.  To meet our clients' needs and budgets, we offer three different whitening systems:

  • Wicked White Professional Tooth Whitening
  • ZOOM! Chairside Whitening
  • Custom-fitted Take-home Trays

Before any professional whitening treatment can be initiated, your teeth and mouth will first be assessed and any necessary cleaning or gum treatment should be completed prior to whitening.


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Wicked White Professional Tooth Whitening

If sensitivity has kept you from whitening--Fear no more!


Wicked White is a NEW Professional Tooth Whitening system we now offer.   What makes this system unique is that there is very minimal sensitivity with this whitening procedure. Fear of sensitivity has deterred a lot of people from whitening their teeth or from keeping up with their touch ups. The ingredients are 100% pure, with no fillers and additives and no animal byproducts. And it's surprisingly affordable!


Take advantage of having your whitening done in the comfort of your own home!

Whitening Options:

Complete Whitening - Includes four 20 minute rounds of whitening under an LED lamp plus a BONUS touch up extender pen for home use to keep up with your whitening. No more messy trays trays!

Maintenance Boost - Includes two 20 minute rounds of whitening under an LED lamp. A great way to maintain your whitening results for people who find it hard or inconvenient to do touch ups on their own.

Extender Pen Only - Perfect way to stabilize and extend your whitening results on your own at home. Just paint it on your teeth and go! No more messy trays needed!


Advantages: Affordable, minimal sensitivity, completely customizable to meet your whitening needs


Disadvantages: Procedure can take longer, some gum irritation can occur

ZOOM! Chairside Whitening

We are pleased to offer ZOOM! Chairside Whitening - The newest generation of leading whitening systems as seen on ABC's hit Extreme Makeover.


In about an hour, your teeth can be safely whitened up to 8 shades.  ZOOM! Whitening requires one appointment which consists of three 15 minute rounds of whitening under a UV light and gives you immediate results. Lay back and enjoy having your teeth whitened in the comfort of your home. 

Advantages: Quickest method, brightest whitening, includes custom fitted touch up trays


Disadvantages: Most expensive, sensitivity is common



ZOOM! Whitening - BEFORE




ZOOM! Whitening - AFTER



Custom-fitted Take Home Trays

A take home whitening system with cutom-fitted whitening trays is also available.  This method takes approximately 1-2 weeks of daily applications to become effective.  Can be done during the day or overnight.

Advatages: Most affordable


Disadvantages: Takes the longest, requires good daily compliance, some people experience sensitivity.

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